Copper has an abundance of benefits. It is a highly energetic metal, which is one of the many reasons I have chosen to work with it in wrapping my crystals, using it in my orgonite pieces, or building altar tables with it. Copper benefits the mind, body, soul and has a harmonic connection between our physical and Spiritual realms. Copper powerfully magnifies energy transfers of the crystals combined with the copper to the wearer and the auric field around them.

Some of the benefits of copper:

-high vibrational frequency

-balances our chakras

-can clear out negative energies

-can protect against harmful effects of 5G

-helps us open and receive energy

-can transfer energy

-may help with joint stiffness and joint pain

Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory benefits

Some crystals with high copper count- Azurite, K2 (Azurite in Granite), Malachite, Chrysocolla, and Turquoise