Orgone carries powerful protective properties for the environment; the people, plants, and animals that surround it

Orgonite is a blend of organic and non-organic materials and quartz crystal.

The organic (resin) attracts and hold orgone energy

The non-organic (metal shavings) attract and repel orgone energy

Quartz brings the orgone energy back to healthy energy.

Different Orgone Energy Devices

Mini Tower Busters- are great to place around the house.  It is best to place them in the corners of the room.  They are small enough to go unnoticed.

Tower Busters- are ideal for outdoor use.  Place them in the corners of your property, near main water lines, and electrical boxes and where you enter the house.  They can either be buried or placed on the gound.

Pyramids- are great for displaying around the house.  They can be very powerful placed under your bed as the point of the pyramid will direct the positive energy directly to you.

Spirit Animal Orgone- Spirit Animals carry their own energetic vibrations.  Coupled with the powerful orgonite creates a powerful synergistic effect.

Chemtrail Buster Orgonite- Powerful tool to help heal our atmosphere.  Turns negative orgone energy into postive orgone energy. 

Benefits of Orgonite

- better sleep and vivid dreams

- more energy

- balanced mood

- decreased sensitivities to EMFs

- spiritual and psychic growth

- increased resistance to illness

-promotes health and well being

-creates a calmer home and work environment

-helps plants grow better, use less water, and repel pests

-generates positive ions (anions)

-transmutes neative energy